Use Fresh Herbs


1- Dank Vapes 2-Mario

3-TKO               4-Pure One Vapes

5-Alpin              6-Brass Knuckles

7-Cookies         8-Absolute Xtracts (ABX)

9-Exotic            10-Heavy Hitters

11-Craft Vape    12-Juul Pod

13-Kingpen       14-Palmas Vape

15-Supreme      16-Smart Carts

17-ROVE Vape  18-Chronic Vape

19-Stiiizy           20-Cereal Carts

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Use Fresh Herbs

The better quality your herbs, the better your vape session will be. If you are using dry herbs, an adequately cured but still fresh bud is best. And make sure to grind it as finely as you can. Many grinders will have

The Right Temp
Your vape temperature is another critical part of the mix. This will depend on your style and what effect you prefer. Different cannabinoids evaporate at various temperatures (producing different levels of high). Experiment a bit until you find a sweet spot that works for you.

Avoid Burning Your Herbs
You aren’t going through all this trouble just to combust on accident. Generally, you should never need to use your vape on it’s highest settings. Vapes have an upper and the lowest temperature but for most, its the middle settings that are ideal for vaporizing.

Guide to vapes and cartridges


Pack That Oven Right
Get the finest ground you can use so that your oven walls and airflow can make contact with the most substantial amount of bud. This might sound like you need to cram in as much weed as you can, however, what you need to do is pack very finely ground bud evenly without condensing it so much to cut off airflow.

Ease of Use
Deciding to use a pre-filled oil vape cartridge takes the guesswork out of getting high. Counter to other methods of using concentrates such as a dab rig or even portable vape pens which require self-loading, a vape cartridge is usually as easy as just screwing on your pen. At most, these products may need you to push a button and inhale. After you do that, it’s up to you to decide how to have fun, or just relax.

What to do first with your new Vape Pen

Read the Manual
Sometimes the manual is just a pamphlet, sometimes its a twenty-page booklet written in broken English. Either way, dig in and read it cover to cover because there is always something that you didn’t know about your vape pen, but is essential to its use and maintenance. Charging cables are a subject that varies greatly, and you should be aware of the best connection and charger to use with your vape.

Charge it, and Load it
Make sure that your pen is fully charged before you hit that go button.  Most vape pens use built-in batteries so you will have to connect them to a charger until they are fully loaded. Use the charging cord that came with the package – some pens don’t take kindly to other charging cables and will short out if charged incorrectly. Also, remember to re-charge on a cycle, let your pen charge go down, and then put it on the charger until it is fully charged, and then pull it off.

cartridge vaorizers

Vape Mindfully
Regardless of what you vape on, it’s vital that you have control over it and use common sense. If you’re vaporizing dry herbs or concentrates, you need to be extremely conscious of your usage rate and amount of intake when you vape.

Just because it’s acceptable and available doesn’t mean you should abuse it. You can always have too much of a good thing. Use common sense and go slow and low until you reach a comfortable place and try and stay there.

For the best tasting and best quality sessions be sure to keep your pen clean at all times. Most of life is upkeep, that’s especially true with the tools you use to enjoy your life. Keep it clean and functioning well and it will keep you blazed.